Nov 2015: Law establishing an ICAC passed

According to media reports (below) Parliament has passed the law establishing an Independent Commission Against Corruption. This is the second piece of legislation needed in the process of establsihing an ICAC. The first legal change, amending the Constitution, was passed in November 2013.

ACT NOW! has been campaigning for an ICAC since AN! was established in 2010 and the fight against stealing from the public purse is one of ACT NOW!'s key campaigns.

ICAC Bill passed in Parliament


Parliament has passed the Organic Law on the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), an anti-corruption body that will address the issue of corruption at all levels, among several other Bills.

The other Bills passed that Government bulldozed through Parliament on Tuesday evening were the Mt Hagen and Kokopo Municipal Authority Bills, municipal bodies created to manage all urban services and utilities, including garbage collection, power and water supplies. Parliament also passed the unconventional Hydrocarbons Bill 2015, a legislation which will govern the exploration for the production of unconventional hydrocarbons, including offshore and the granting to traditional, provincial and local level governments of benefits arising from projects for the production of unconventional hydrocarbons.

Yesterday, Parliament passed the Savings and Loan Societies Bill, a law to reform the law relating to savings and loan societies and to repeal and replace the Savings and Loan Societies Act (Chapter 141).

Soon after the passage of the 2016 National Budget on Tuesday, the Parliament passed enabling Organic Law to formalise the anti-corruption body which will address corruption at all levels in the country.

The Organic Law paves the way for ICAC to be set up as a constitutional body that is legally recognised.

The next step will be to establish the administrative structure staffed with skilled people who will be led by a commissioner.