National Land Summit 2019 Position Statement

A short paper explaining the government's land grab agenda and why it must be opposed.

Pasin Bilong Katim Na Stilim Diwai

Tok Pisin factsheet summarising the findings of the Oakland Institute reports on 'The Great Timber Heist'

Illegal Logging and Tax Evasion

Factsheet summarises the findings published by the Oakland Institute in its 'Great Timber Heist' reports

Papua New Guinea's Real Economy

One page, A4 size, factsheet on the value of Papua New Guinea's real economy, which is based around customary land and rural agriculture

Land Registration: Too Dangerous to Touch

A two-page fact sheet that explains the importance of customary land and the dangers of land registration

Spesal Agrikalsa Bisnis Lis (SABL)

A simple fact sheet explaining what an SABL is and how they have been misused

Solwara Maining Long Papua Niugini

Tokpisin fact sheet on Experimental Seabed Mining designed for local communities.

Critical Analysis of Papua New Guinea Vision 2050

Two page summary of our report analyzing Papua New Guinea's Vision 2050. Vision 2050 is our government's long-term development plan, but is it consistent with our Constitution and National Goals?

The Error of Development

Two page analysis explaining how Unrestrained Capitalism is being imposed on Papua New Guinea and is the root cause of many of the problems we face everyday. The flip-side highlights 5 key areas that can help us ensure a "Gutpela Sindaun Bilong Olgeta"

Special Agricultural Business Leases (SABL)

One page explaining the Special Agricultural Business Lease (SABL) land grab.