An Independent Commission Against Corruption

ACT NOW! is campaigning for the establishment of an Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC).

Currently PNG does not have a dedicated anti-corruption agency and the existing institutions, the Royal PNG Police and the Ombudsman Commission, have failed to deal with white-collar crime.

Some of the laws necessary for the establishment of an ICAC have already been passed by Parliament but currently no ICAC has been set up.

PNG’s attempts to establish an ICAC go back more than a decade. A draft ICAC Bill was first developed in 1997, but a lack of political support meant it was not passed by Parliament.

In 2011, the Government developed draft legislation to establish an ICAC. However, that legislation was not even tabled in Parliament.

In 2012, after the National elections, the incoming government pledged to establsih an ICAC but moved very slowly and failed to fully implement that promise.

In June 2013, the government released a set of consultation documents and ACT NOW! responded to the call for public submissions (see below).

In November 2013, Parliament passed the law amending the Constitution to allow for the establishment of an Independent Commission Against Corruption. This was the first piece of legislation needed in the process of establsihing an ICAC. 

In November 2015, Parliament passed the first reading of the second law required to allow the establishment of an Independent Commission Against Corruption. This legislation defined how an ICAC will function. But crucially, the final votes on the legislation were never held.