SABL Land Grab

From 2003 to 2011, more than 5 million hectares of land was stolen from rural communities using fraudulent agriculture leases.
A Commission of Inquiry declared the leases invalid in 2013, but it took four more years before the government took action.
The government now says the leases have been cancelled - but major issues remain.
Some leaseholders are still operating, protected by local police; there is no confirmation all logging has been stopped; and no compensation has been paid for the losses and damage suffered by local people.

Rural communities are yet to receive justice over the SABL land grab despite suffering massive losses
For five years the government has promised to cancel the leases - but no action has been taken - while logging continues...
A Commission of Inquiry investigated the SABL land grab and concluded the leases were invalid
The SABL leases were issued without following proper process and landholders did not give their informed consent…