The Circle Triangle Story

The Circle / Triangle Story describes how outsiders have destroyed Melanesian communities and stolen their land. The story was originally developed by the Melanesian Indigenous Land Defence Alliance as a play used in community education.

Customary Land Lies

Simple brochure that unlocks some of the lies told about Customary Land Registration

Independent Commission Against Corruption

A double sided brochure explaining what an ICAC is and why it is needed

SABL Commission of Inquiry

Double sided brochure explaining the SABL Commission of Inquiry history, hearings and findings

EITI Discussion Paper

A discussion paper on the merits of the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative. The World Bank is funding Papua New Guinea's membership.


ACT NOW! organization brochure. Double sided.

Finance Commission of Inquiry

Brochure on the 2010 Commission of Inquiry into the misuse of funds in the Department of Finance.